Date and time

Saturday, April 13. Carpool 8:20 am, leave 8:30 am, Hike 9 am-12:30 pm

Name of hike 

Yager Canyon and Vista


Hike description  

You are invited on a conditioning hike (at your own pace) on S Fork Coppei Rd, which is ˝ hr from Walla Walla. You'll enjoy this beautiful hike where you'll see evidence of deer, elk, turkeys, bear, plus edible plants (black caps, blackberries, cattails, evergreen leafbuds, ferns, dock, coral fungus, horsetails, lichen, avalanche lilies, miner's lettuce, nettles, plantain, pine nuts, rose hips, salmonberry, skunk cabbage, thistle, and watercress). This is private property.


Karen Yager, 509-520-8623,

Time and distance

3.5 hours/5 miles, 1000 ft elevation gain



The first leg of the hike will take 1/2 hr on a gradual uphill; the second leg is another 1/2 hr steep climb, the third leg is 2 hrs mostly on top with views of the snow-capped mountains. You can return at the end of any leg. Whatever you're able to hike is fine. You can return at 2 different points or walk the entire way.

Dogs welcome?

Well-mannered dogs on leash who don't run after deer. Children of any age are welcome with parents.

Start location  

To car pool, meet at 8:20 am below the tall Staples sign in the Cascade Farm & Outdoor parking lot at 598 N Wilbur Ave across from McCurley Toyota. Leave at 8:30 am.


Go through Dixie on Hwy 12 E about 2.5 mi to the top of the hill, turn R at elevator on Lewis Peak Rd. At the first Y, take the left fork on Walker Rd. At bottom of hill, turn Right on S Fk Coppei Rd. At the next fork, go right. Follow that road to 4600 S Fork Coppei where you’ll park along the road. Karen will be there to meet you. Travel time 25 mins. Be ready for great views of the mountains from the top!

What to bring

Water and snacks. If you’re thinking of backpacking later in the season, bring your backpack to try out extra weight.