Date and time

Saturday, April 20. Walla WallaŚCarpool 8:30, leave 8:40 am, arrive Touchet Chevron station at 9 am; Milton-Freewater--Carpool 8:30 am, leave 8:40. Arrive Touchet Chevron at 9 am.  Drive to Volcano Cliffs, near Twin Sisters. Hike 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Name of hike

Volcano Cliffs on Columbia River



Hike description  

Located just down river from the confluence with the Walla Walla River on the eastern, closer side of the Columbia, this area has long been known for the two volcano cores known in Native American myth as the Twin Sisters. Only very recently has the public had hiking access to these formerly active cattle ranching lands consisting of a cluster of smaller volcanoes. We will hike on old ranch trails and a now abandoned road up to the top of buttes. We will start hiking at the WW 20-20 sign about local history, then turn left after about ten minutes to pick up the old ranch road. On top there are eye-smacking views of not only the Twin Sisters from above, but a panorama of Wallula and the historic confluence. Some spring wild flowers should be blooming. There is little shade.



Clark Colahan,, 509-592-7660, Terry Nyman, 509 200 2262


Time and distance

3 hours, 5 miles, 30 min drive from WW or Milton-Freewater.



Medium. Hikers will have to climb a rustic, improvised ladder to get over an old cattle fence. Uphill most of the way going in, with several hundred feet elevation gain.



Dogs welcome?

Yes, if well behaved.


Start location  

To car pool from Walla Walla, meet below the tall Staples sign in the Cascade Farm & Outdoor parking lot on 598 N Wilbur Ave across from McCurley Toyota. To car pool from Milton-Freewater, meet in the parking lot in front of Ace Hardware, where the state highway jogs to the left. Meet at the Chevron Station in Touchet.



Hwy 12 West from Walla Walla through Touchet and on toward Twin Sisters rock formations. 


What to bring

Lunch and water. Long pants for the sage and other brush