Happy Hikers Hike 3
The Happy Hikers joined the Walla Walla Hiking Club on this 5.5 mile trek up and down ridges in the Walla Walla Watershed on Mill Creek Rd.   RETURN     NEXT

Karen, Helene, Zibby, Terry, Roger, Janice, Ellen, Tim, Rick, Cecile, Kari, Jeremy, Joe, Joe, (Karen)

Hiking Group Orientation

Plan now...bring your friends. Get away! Have fun, Fun, FUN!!!     RETURN     NEXT

If you're ready for adventure, join us by emailing karen@karenyager.com or calling 509-520-8623. Everyone is welcome!

Updated: 4/3/2017,  by Karen Yager Karen@KarenYager.com 509-520-8623