Happy Hikers Hike 2
Welcome to Happy Hikers! We are a loose knit hiking group of women and men near Walla Walla, WA, who enjoy expanding our horizons by putting on hiking boots and moving forward. Each hike has new surprises: hills, valleys, creeks, streams, flowers, wildlife and laughter.    RETURN     NEXT

Huffing and puffing...we made it to the top!
Kathleen, Judy, Cosmo, Rick, Vicki, Lenore, Cecile

Cecile, Cosmo, Lenore, Vicki, Rick, Judy, Kathleen

Lenore, Vicki, Karen, Judy, Cecile, Kathleen 

Under a spreading pine tree


Plan now...bring your friends. Get away! Have fun, Fun, FUN!!! 

If you're ready for adventure, join us by emailing karen@karenyager.com or calling 509-520-8623. Everyone is welcome!

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